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    In this 1985 interview, Christopher Hitchens discusses his recent trip to South Africa, his observations on apartheid's racial divisions, and the evolving role of the African National Congress (ANC). While hopeful for a revolution, he laments the needless suffering it may entail. The ANC's vision of a non-racial society offers promise for a more inclusive future.

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    Empirical evidence provides a more reliable foundation for understanding the world around us. However, philosophical speculation and metaphysical inquiries can still contribute to enriching our understanding of reality.

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    The Iraq War not only removed a brutal dictator but also paved the way for transformative changes in the Middle East. By bringing Saddam Hussein to justice, restoring the environment, and supporting Kurdish autonomy, the intervention has had a lasting positive impact on the region. Furthermore, the war led to significant non-proliferation victories, such as shutting down the AQ Khan Network and exposing North Korea's WMD proliferation.

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    The identity of Jesus has been a subject of debate for centuries, with many questioning whether he identifies as God in the New Testament. Despite this, it is clear upon close examination of the text that Jesus does not identify himself as God.

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    So, which is it to be? Trump or Donald? A lot hangs on the outcome of this stupid question. Because the man with many monikers in many ways embodies his country and because this election cycle is now so absurd, and so much up for grabs, it is unwise to exclude anything.