Preserving the Legacy of Christopher Hitchens

Welcome to, a website dedicated to preserving the intellectual legacy of Christopher Hitchens, one of the most influential writers and thinkers of our time. This site serves as a tribute to his remarkable contributions to literature, journalism, and public discourse.

Why This Website Exists

I created this website out of sheer astonishment that a comprehensive online resource dedicated to Christopher Hitchens’ work didn’t already exist. Given his impact and insights, I was surprised that there wasn’t an easily accessible platform where people could find transcribed content capturing his works.

Transcribing His Works for Increased Accessibility

To address this gap, I took it upon myself to transcribe a significant portion of Christopher Hitchens’ recorded works, which were originally captured on video. By meticulously converting these videos into written form, I aimed to increase the chances of someone discovering his profound thoughts and engaging with his ideas.

Enhancing Searchability and Relevance

My efforts have focused on optimizing the accessibility of Christopher Hitchens’ works through search engines. By transcribing his speeches, debates, interviews, and lectures, I aim to increase the likelihood of individuals finding his words through relevant search terms. This initiative allows a wider audience to discover and explore the vast intellectual landscape he inhabited throughout his illustrious career.

Your Engagement Helps

I invite you to explore the contents of this website, where you will find a growing collection of transcribed materials that encapsulate the brilliance of Christopher Hitchens. Whether you are a long-time admirer of his work or a curious newcomer, I hope this resource will serve as a gateway to his thought-provoking ideas, captivating prose, and incisive wit.

In addition to providing access to transcriptions, this website also serves as a platform for discussions, sharing insights, and connecting with others who appreciate Christopher Hitchens’ enduring impact. I encourage you to participate in the dialogue and contribute to the ongoing legacy of this remarkable writer and intellectual. Every post has a section near the bottom allowing for comments.

Join me in this mission of preserving the legacy of Christopher Hitchens and perpetuating the intellectual discourse he championed. Together, we can ensure that his voice remains vibrant and influential for generations to come.